Automotive: working in the automotive sector

As you may have noticed, today the automotive industry is going through some pretty dark times. The problems encountered in this area are many and varied. The best known are the restriction of credits, the decrease in sales, the suppression of advertised positions... Nevertheless, manufacturers are not giving up, they continue to advance and produce new models.

Today, what is the position of this sector?

According to some analysts, this is a "crisis in the crisis". As unlikely as it may seem, the automotive industry has just gone through three extremely difficult years. In addition, it has been hit hard by the consequences of the current international financial crisis. The impacts of this phenomenon have been felt by all manufacturers. Among the world leaders, redundancies and relocation have become unavoidable. According to a recent study, a hyperactive sector will be needed to meet the challenges of the coming years. The objectives are as follows: Improving production Reduce costs and expenses in order to reduce the selling price Create more efficient but less polluting cars (the race to make ecological cars was launched several years ago)

Do you know about the automotive industry?

Many people think that the production of a car model is easy and simple. However, this is a chain work that requires the know-how of several workers. To sell a vehicle, you will need an experienced sales representative who knows the product inside out. The difference will be felt in the number of cars sold over the month and year. In addition, for design, it is necessary to use engineers, designers or automotive specialists. Finally, the manufacturing itself is entrusted to tradesmen. They are responsible for cutting parts, assembling them, monitoring them... Given that the number of sales has not increased, and that redundancy is inevitable for certain sectors, the automotive industry only rarely hires. If you want to pursue a career in this sector, it is advisable to specialize in computer science, physical measurements, acoustics or embedded electronics. These areas are currently the most sought-after.

What type of training should be followed?

This will depend on the work you want to do. The diploma required to enter the automobile varies from a CAP or BEP to a +5 baccalaureate. The level required will depend on the manufacturer's position.
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