Second-hand car

Rent a car

Need to rent a car: compare the best deals around you

Renting a car seems like a deceptively simple task; you pay the rental service, hop into your car of choice, and drive away. However, It is not as simple as it looks, and a lot of dynamics go into selecting…

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Second-hand cars: advertisements for the purchase and sale of cars by private individuals and professionals

The sale of used cars by individuals and professionals can be done through a generalist classified ads site. Consulting online ad publications is a way to find thousands of cheap car sales offers. Tips to easily find used cars online…

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Cheap used car: Buy your car for less

A used car is a car sold second hand. This means that it is no longer new. This type of vehicle is considered as second-hand for car tax purposes when it is more than 6 months old at the date…

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Buying used vehicles: find the best offers in Reunion Island

The French have a reputation for appreciating used cars. Of course, they are second-hand cars, but their price seems to be very affordable compared to new cars. Moreover, we can have several offers all over the world. This allows them…

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