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Rent a car

Renting a car seems like a deceptively simple task; you pay the rental service, hop into your car of choice, and drive away. However, It is not as simple as it looks, and a lot of dynamics go into selecting the best company that offers the ideal services. If you are stuck between car rental companies, you need to evaluate the best deal as describe here and decide. Here is a look at the key things to consider when comparing deals on offer.

Rental Plans

Every customer has different needs and style, and that should be a major consideration when choosing deals. There are various rental plans available, and the approach is to be more customer-centric. Does a car rental near me offer the best rental plan? You will only have an answer to that question if you understand the different plans in the market. They include: • Pay per minute: A company that offers this plan charges customers according to the time duration. • Hourly plans: In this plan, customers are charged per hour. The plan if further broken down into packages; 1-hour package,3-hour package, and 6-hour package. • Per kilometer plan: Customers are charged according to the distance they cover. • Daily Rental: In this case, customers are charged daily. Companies normally have a fixed rate for a particular distance. This plan is highly preferred by customers who rent a car for at least one night. • Two-day rental plan: This plan is similar to the daily rental plan only that its meant for customers who want to use the car for more than a day. • Long duration plan: Companies can give away cars for a week, a month, or a year depending on the requirements of the customer. • Corporate plans: Special corporate plans are offered for corporate customers. In this plan, customers will enjoy discounts.

Car Classes

Car hire services don’t just exist to provide freedom to customers, but to also give customers a chance to portray style and class. As a result, consider the different classes of cars on offer when comparing companies. What are the types of car classes at the car hire near me? • Economy cars: These are the ideal cars for customers intending to drive around downtown areas where there are condensed parking spaces and busy traffic. Customers can also expect the best mileage in economy cars. • Compact cars: These cars are easy to drive and offer wonderful gas mileage. • Intermediate cars: This type offers more style than mileage. They have more space for passengers and luggage. • Full size: They provide more leg and boot space • Premium cars: These cars are the best for business travelers as they also offer comfort. • Luxury cars: They offer a high-performance engine and a rich interior. • Convertible cars: They have style and suitable for people riding along the coast.

Return Grace Period

Once I rent a car near me, does the comparison process stop there? No, it doesn't; the process has just started. It’s equally important to compare the return grace period offered by different companies. If you are renting a car around an area with bad traffic, then the return grace period will either be a lifesaver or your worst nightmare.A good number of major car hire companies offer a 29-minute grace period. This means that there will be no extra charges if you are 29 minutes late. If you surpass the agreed time, then hourly or daily charges will apply depending on the company in question.

Compare the True Cost

Customers should beware when comparing rates. Most prices are normally inflated with state and local taxes, driver fees, insurance, drop-off charges, airport surcharges and fuel bills. You may end up paying double what had been advertised. Therefore, understand the true cost. With that in mind, you should now be able to make a profound decision when looking to rent a car. With an umpteen number of car rental companies in the market today, you should have time to go through customer reviews, websites and make calls to get the best deal.

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