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Published on : 01 November 20195 min reading time

Do you want to take out car insurance even if you do not have a driving licence? Don’t panic! Don’t panic! The fact that you do not have a licence does not constitute an obstacle to taking out automobile insurance. A few conditions just must be met to achieve this. What are the conditions for taking out a car insurance policy without a licence? Which guarantees to choose to insure your car? What budget should be allocated for the membership fee? Why are carts more and more popular in France?

What are the conditions for taking out an insurance policy for cars without a licence?

You don’t have a driver’s license, but you still want to be insured? It should be noted that the absence of a driver’s licence does not relieve someone of the need for car insurance. All motor vehicles operating on public roads must have mandatory car insurance. With the unlicensed car or VSP, also known as a cart, this is also possible. A VSP is generally a four-wheeled motorized vehicle with a displacement of 50 cm3, which does not allow to exceed 45 km/h. Its payload must also not exceed 200 kg and its weight must not exceed 350 kg.

However, in order to be able to drive this type of vehicle without a licence, certain conditions must be met. You can drive a VSP and be able to take out a car insurance policy without a licence if, first, you are of the required age, i.e. over 14 years old, and you have the road safety certificate (BSR) for people born after 1 January 1988. This is a diploma that requires theoretical training at the college, followed by seven hours of practical training. You are also allowed to drive a cart without any specific conditions if you were born before January 1, 1988 or if you have obtained your SSB since January 19, 2013 and you have also shown your insurer a Class “AM” driver’s licence. If you have met these conditions, it is easy for you to find car insurance without a licence. Simply choose a car insurance company and complete the form. It is also possible to subscribe online at

What guarantees should you choose for car insurance without a licence?

Just like conventional light vehicles, carts can also benefit from the same coverage offered by insurers. You can be satisfied with the compulsory coverage, i.e. third-party insurance, if you do not depend on your vehicle daily. However, if you choose this option, you are not covered in case of an accident even if you are not at fault. It is in your interest to add optional or additional coverage, such as damage and assistance coverage in the event of a breakdown. This guarantee is especially useful with most carts, which are very expensive, and a simple change of parts can quickly increase maintenance costs. It is also useful to add fire and theft coverage if your car is often parked on public roads. For optimal protection, do not hesitate to ask your broker or company representative for advice based on your profile. To save money, don’t forget to make an online comparison of the all-risk insurance rates offered by the different companies in order to find the best price.

What budget should be allocated to the insurance contribution?

Car insurance without a licence is not highly appreciated by car insurance companies, particularly in terms of risk. According to statistics, carts produce very few accidents due to their limited speed of 45 km/h and very low power. With a comparable level of coverage, the price of unlicensed car insurance is normally quite low compared to standard car insurance. Nevertheless, the contribution remains significant, since the insurer considers the lightest driver training (especially for drivers born before 1988 who have no driving training). In fact, the average annual contribution cost for a car without a licence can be as high as €600. The insurance premium may also be increased by the insurer according to the risks represented by the driver. Generally, if he has a history of at-fault accidents or if he applies for cart insurance following the cancellation or suspension of his driver’s licence.

As they do not require a permit, carts are becoming more and more common in France

Today, the cart is more and more widespread in France. A car without a driver’s license has many advantages for many motorists. This type of car can be easily driven in urban areas, and its small size makes it easier to park in the city centre. The carts are constantly evolving. They are as well-equipped as their counterparts who require a driver’s license. Indeed, they have protection such as ESP or the airbag. However, its price remains higher than that of cars with a driving licence, as these are limited series distributed by manufacturers.


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