Can I insure my car for a short period of time?

The world of automobile insurance is currently changing. Many car insurers offer their services to help you insure your car for short periods of time. It is an insurance valid for a temporary period. The questions that arise, however, are: who can take out these fixed-term insurance policies? What are the benefits? And why do you need this insurance?

Subscription conditions to temporarily insure your car:

To ensure your vehicle for only a few days or weeks or months, you should know that you have temporary car insurance. Indeed, this type of insurance is designed for drivers who rarely use their vehicle. However, it is essential to know all the necessary information before taking out this insurance. To take out short-term car insurance, you must therefore hold a minimum 2-year driving licence.  You must be at least 21 years old. Most insurances limit this age to 75 years in order to insure your car. In addition, you must provide supporting documents so that your request for provisional insurance can be considered. These include: a copy of the registration document or proof of purchase of your car, a copy of your driver's licence and a subscriber's information statement or a declaration on honour of the history of this statement. For your convenience, you can find more information about your membership in term car insurance at

The advantages and disadvantages of using short-term insurance:

Fixed-term car insurance helps you opt for a limited contract ranging from 1 day to 90 days or even a few months if you occasionally use your vehicle, if you have a car temporarily registered abroad and awaiting a permanent registration document or if you live abroad and return to your country of origin from time to time... In addition, this temporary car insurance provides you, in the event of a claim, with legal protection including additional guarantees (breakdown assistance or bodily injury coverage for the driver) and "all risks" or civil liability (liability) insurance such as theft, incidents related to your vehicle or acts of vandalism... You can also compare 2 offers and choose the rate adapted to your means of financing and according to your wishes. However, the cost of this auto insurance option is more expensive than traditional or annual auto insurance because the insurer faces more risks and is not aware of the owner of the car he will insure. In addition, this offer is often subject to stricter conditions that are not always very flexible in terms of drivers' needs and expectations.

Countries concerned by the recovery of short-term motor insurance:

Most of the countries covered by temporary car insurance are in Europe, particularly in France and in the EEA area of the European Union (European Economic Area), however, short-term car contracts are dependent on insurance. However, it should be noted that the French overseas departments, such as Reunion Island, French Guiana, Mayotte and Martinique, are not covered by this type of insurance contract. If you also wish to take out temporary car insurance in other countries such as Switzerland, Turkey, the Principality of Andorra, Kosovo or Montenegro, it is important to specify this and add the guarantee option. Maghreb countries such as Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco can also benefit by default. And internationally, to be covered by the insurance contract, you must specify the country to the insurance company because most countries are not included. However, in order to know the eligibility of your destination country, you must seek advice from the temporary car insurance companies since, as soon as you subscribe, the insurance contract is delivered with a green card that guarantees driver coverage in the event of incidents in the car and the contract can no longer be cancelled.

The types of vehicles that can benefit from short-term insurance:

In general, all types of cars, whether you have camping cars, trucks or trailers, are covered by time-limited automobile insurance. Indeed, all car models are temporarily insured as soon as all the membership conditions are in order (valid roadworthiness tests, valid driving licence, etc.). However, exceptions are not to be overlooked since they depend on other criteria. For luxury cars, they are subject to specific term insurance contracts. Indeed, they guarantee very expensive coverage. However, if the driver has not experienced any major incidents or malus/bonus and is not a young driver, the price of this "premium" type contract could decrease. Automotive mechanics In the event of a car breakdown, it is important to know the principles of car mechanics. The engine is the most important element of the vehicle. In order to measure the performance of an engine, one of the following power units is expressed: horsepower (hp), kilowatt (kW), torque (Nm). Automobile competition Motor racing is a sport where drivers driving cars compete in regulated races, in different formulas and categories, on a circuit, on the road or on the track. Motor racing includes several disciplines and events not to be missed. The most prestigious category on the circuit is undoubtedly Formula 1.
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