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Published on : 01 November 20193 min reading time

The concessionaire is an independent trader whose purpose is to obtain from another trader goods marketed without competition in each geographical area for a limited period. A car dealer is a professional in charge of a car dealership, a company that sells all vehicle models.

Why use a professional specialized in car sales?

Buying cars from professionals provides a minimum mechanical warranty of 3 months. Thus, in the event of a breakage of the gear lever or engine during the warranty period, the seller is liable. This support is also valid when a hidden defect is discovered. Those who buy a vehicle from a private individual through a classified ad site have very few guarantees. Before deciding to buy a used hybrid car, it is important to estimate the value of the vehicle. The estimated price of the car varies according to the market situation, mileage, model of the car, date of entry into service, power, fuel and equipment included in the car.

Take the time to examine the car in detail

It is strongly recommended to check the condition of a used car carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises. You should not rely on the photos published in the ads and choose preferably to be accompanied by a connoisseur when appraising your future car. When checking the car, you must look at different elements such as the bodywork, headlights, tires, mirrors, roof and the condition of the underside of the car.

To further the examination, do not hesitate to open the hood, check the oil level tested the engine by turning it on, accelerating, testing the headlights, turn signals, horn. It is important not to neglect any details. When carefully examining the vehicle interior, try out the mirrors, windows, wipers, seat adjustments, car radio (if equipped), air conditioning and check the condition of the spare wheel.

How to sell your car easily?

The successful sale of a car requires many precautions such as estimating the selling price of the car, a good negotiation with the buyer. The owner of the car can resell his old vehicle to a professional who may be the dealer selling a new car or a dealer specializing in the sale of used cars. This rapid sale will not be taken at its fair value.

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