In which cases should I take out provisional insurance?

In general, all motorized and rolling vehicles must be insured to be able to travel peacefully on French territory. The classic and basic term of the contract normally runs for a period of one year, to be renewed at the end of each term. However, this generality does not apply to all cases without exception. Indeed, some vehicles travel under term insurance coverage. Such a contract exists, and many motorists subscribe to it, in order to be able to drive legally. However, while this procedure is gaining in scope, it mainly corresponds to specific situations, and cannot be applicable to any car in a normal driving situation. Here are the main cases that can give you this special status.

Termination or suspension of coverage

Sometimes your car insurance will decide to terminate or suspend your coverage. In most cases, this decision is the result of the fact that you did not pay the contribution on time. It may be a cash flow problem, or simply a desire to change insurers. In the first case, you can negotiate term car insurance with your usual home. Depending on the situation, you can normally obtain interim coverage for 30 to 90 days, until you are able to bail yourself out and pay for a new one-year contract again. In the second case, if you are looking to change insurers, you can contact another insurance company. You can take out a temporary policy, again for this maximum period of three months. This strategy will allow you enough time to compare and define the services that are right for you. You can find many offers on the Internet, by visiting specialized sites like in order to find the best proposals, and of course the best rates for this kind of contract.

A loan, lease or purchase of a vehicle

Borrowing a vehicle is another situation that can lead a motorist to use term car insurance. Out of necessity or for a practical reason, you need to travel quickly and regularly on a certain route for several weeks. You then decide to borrow a car from one of your friends. However, the latter indicates that his vehicle is no longer covered, and that you will have to take out an insurance policy yourself, in return for the service he provides you. In this case, since you will only need the car for a short period of time, you do not need to use the classic one-year contract. All you need is a temporary car insurance policy, which will be more than enough for the duration of your use of the car. The same applies to a rental. Agencies normally already subscribe to the basic option (civil liability). But since you are not going to rent the vehicle for a whole year, you have the option of taking out another coverage on a temporary basis. For example, an assistance and breakdown service guarantee can cover you in the event of a breakdown while you are still in possession of the car. Finally, when buying a new car, this short-term insurance also allows you to travel while waiting to find the agency that best suits your needs.

Occasional use of the car

You are the proud owner of many vehicles, including a classic car that almost never leaves your home. Only, a show is being prepared and you will have to move it to be exhibited. This is another situation where the use of term insurance will help you. Whether it is driven or transported by flatbed truck, it is subject to risks and deserves to be covered at a minimum. In addition, she will follow the legislation, in case of control during her trip. If the exhibition lasts three days, you can, for example, opt for a one-month contract. You can take advantage of this opportunity to go out a little on weekends, just to get the mechanics running before another hibernation.

An export or import of a vehicle

The last possibility concerns the possibility of having to travel abroad with your vehicle. You should check if your current policy covers you for such a situation. If not, you will have no choice but to purchase term car insurance. In this specific circumstance, it is a very short-term contract, ranging from 1 to 2 days depending on your destination. Once you are there, you will need to check again to get the best proposal to cover yourself during your stay. The operation is also executed in the opposite direction. If you are importing a vehicle, temporary insurance will be required on French territory.
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