Insuring your car for a short period of time: Is it possible?

You may be wondering if you are required to contribute for one year to your insurance company for a car that you only use once or twice in a year. Don't worry, there are other ways that are appropriate for your situation.

Temporary car insurance: another alternative

It is true that many insurance companies refuse to insure drivers for a short period of time. Most insurers offer one-year insurance contracts that cannot be terminated at any time without exceptional reasons, such as the sale of the vehicle or a scrapped car. However, this insurance condition does not suit everyone, even though insurance is imposed by law. Thus, some insurers have set up a new specific insurance which is the term insurance, it is now possible to be insured for a short period of time which goes from 1 day to 3 months according to your request. This insurance consists in covering the mandatory coverage which is civil liability. This coverage compensates for any damage caused to other road users in the event of an accident for which you are held liable. This does not prevent the possibility of extending coverage to other insurers. If you are interested in this offer, do not hesitate to visit this website, as it is possible to apply directly for temporary car insurance online in less time.

Who can benefit from short-term car insurance?

It is essential to know the conditions you must meet to be able to insure your car in less than a year. Thus, you should be over 21 years old and you should have a driver's license issued for more than 2 years. Then you should provide the insurer with the documents that support your statements during the application process. You should therefore have a copy of this permit, the information bulletin containing your insurance history or a certificate on the honour of no claim and a copy of the registration document of the car to be insured. Once these conditions have been met, it is possible to have temporary car insurance for vehicles that rarely travel, for cars that are intended for sale or export and for all cars that are awaiting final registration. If you only use your car during the holidays, you can also take this solution instead of insuring a car that does not drive for an entire year. This insurance is also suitable for those who are still hesitating about the ideal car insurance to take, those who have just bought a vehicle at auction, drivers who have a penalty and those who are cancelled by their insurance company for various reasons such as non-payment of premium, withdrawal of licence, repetition of claim....

How do I get temporary insurance?

Now, everything can be bought online, as can insurance. Some insurance companies have decided to make it easier for customers to subscribe by giving them the opportunity to pay the term insurance application fee over the Internet via credit card. This method is fast and takes only 5 minutes of your time. You will request an insurance quote free of charge, if the quote is convenient for you, you proceed with the payment and you are insured immediately. This estimate obviously depends on the duration of coverage, the power and model of the vehicle to be insured and the guarantees you add to your contract such as driver protection in the event of a responsible loss, breakdown service 0Km... It is also possible to contact the company's customer service directly; whose contacts are available on the website. The advisors can help you with your subscription and you can ask for other details that interest you. The advantage of subscribing directly on the site is that it can be done at any time 24 hours a day, every day and even on weekends or public holidays. You are free to choose the time and day of the beginning and end of the coverage according to your wishes and needs. All the procedures can be done online as soon as you subscribe, send the documents and receive your provisional insurance certificate.

The advantages of temporary insurance

Unlike traditional insurance with term insurance, you have the choice of how long you need coverage depending on your situation and budgets. Temporary insurance corresponds to different profiles and is not limited to four-wheeled vehicles, so you can temporarily insure your motorcycle, scooter, and trailers, motorhome.
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