Rent vehicles from private individual to private individual in Bordeaux

Since the Internet was born, the concept of collaborative economy has developed significantly. We are even witnessing the emergence of many platforms for the exchange of services between individuals. Car rental, for example, is one of the most popular services. Basically, the principle consists in renting your personal vehicle to an individual on the site of an intermediary. The latter generally charges up to 30% commission.

What are the advantages of renting a car between individuals?

Renting a car on a site between private individuals or that of a professional rental company will give you several advantages. However, by going on a platform like Bordeaux car rental between individuals, you will be sure that the rental price will be more reasonable. It should be noted that compared to a normal rental agency, the Bordeaux car rental rates between individuals will allow you to save between 25 and 40%. Otherwise, you will have a little more flexibility in terms of schedules. Indeed, renting the vehicle online or meeting a rental company can be done outside the regular hours of classic car rental agencies. It is even possible to make an appointment on weekends or evenings. The rental vehicles in question are also recoverable near the tenant's home. To do this, it is enough to have a prior agreement with the lessor at the place of delivery. Finally, one of the significant advantages of private rental is undoubtedly the flexibility of the rental time. Indeed, on some sites, the tenant can rent the car by the hour. Thus, if the latter has, for example, used the vehicle for only two hours, he will not be charged for half a day as on other rental platforms.

Are there any disadvantages to car rental between individuals?

As in any other field, car rental between private individuals also has its weaknesses. The first concern of this type of rental is the availability of the owners who sometimes take too long to respond to requests and validate them. This is particularly problematic when the rental must be done immediately. The other negative aspect of car rental between individuals concerns the age of the vehicles. Indeed, on this type of platform, we often find old models, whose maintenance sometimes leaves something to be desired. In addition, some dubious sites rent their cars without a rental contract, which is tricky in the event of an accident or dispute. There are even cases where the vehicle is not insured, so if an accident occurs, you will be solely responsible for any damage. Finally, even if the rental platform between individuals is reliable, not all people who offer their car are necessarily acting in good faith. However, by going to a car rental site in Bordeaux at a cheap price, you can be sure that you will have little chance of finding this kind of person.

What are the obligations under the rental agreement between private individuals?

Whether you want to rent a car in Bordeaux or in another French city, car rental between individuals must include "civil liability" insurance. As for the owner, he must check whether the driver is of legal age, i.e. he must be at least 21 years old and have held a B licence for at least 2 years. In addition, he must ensure that the lessor is himself the holder of the credit card used for online payment. In principle, the last four digits of the card number must be mentioned on the rental contract. For the tenant, if the fixed mileage limit has been exceeded, he will have to pay the additional costs incurred. In addition, in the event of theft, accident or contravention, the vehicle owner will often be excluded from any liability, as it is the insurance of the rental site between individuals that offers complete coverage. If necessary, breakdown assistance is even possible. The lessor will not risk losing points on his licence.

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