What will the car of the future look like?

Today, technology is constantly evolving in all sectors. In the automotive world, the arrival of the car of the future has generated many reactions on the canvases. This phenomenon has also allowed the various manufacturers to broaden their creativity in order to be able to offer the best model. But the problem is how the car of the future can be represented and what type of vehicles will be used in 2020 or 2050? To answer this question, read these lines. You will know what the car of tomorrow looks like through this article.

The electric car as the car of the future

Electric cars are among the latest creations. They can be included in the category of the car of the future. At first, electric vehicles were only dedicated to specific uses. Today, they can be used very well daily and for all occasions. Electric cars are easier to use because they work with electricity. Once recharged, you can use it according to the indicated mileage or range. If you are looking at this type of vehicle, do not hesitate to check its range. This varies from 200 to 600 km depending on the brand. Once the battery is empty, you must look for a socket on the road to recharge it. This can cause some problems, especially if you travel to remote areas where there is no electricity. In any case, in order to classify the electric car as a futuristic car, manufacturers should also take stock of the reduction of particulate matter and greenhouse gas emissions. Using a traditional combustion engine will also be an additional point for electric cars.

The autonomous car as a car of the future

The autonomous car also deserves its place in what can be the car of the future. It is a car that can run without a driver. That is, without any human intervention. It is 100% autonomous. In tomorrow's world of mobility, this type of car can be advantageous, because you can stay in it and get to your destination without doing anything. To be able to substitute human actions, manufacturers have equipped autonomous cars with several cameras, sensors and lasers. These technologies allow the environment to be reconstructed in 3D so that the car can park itself, drive in traffic jams and perform different manoeuvres. In addition to range, this type of vehicle also helps to reduce accidents caused by human error in the world of tomorrow. The car also offers a great pleasure to passengers, as they can do something else during the journey (read a book, watch videos...). In addition to autonomous cars, there are also connected cars. In addition to giving more autonomy, they also ensure safe driving.

The flying car as the car of the future

How about having a flying car in the future? Yes, it's quite possible that a car will fly in a few years. Manufacturers have put a lot of money into this type of vehicle. At the Geneva Motor Show in 2017, Airbus and the Italdesign studio presented their Pop.Up project. It is about creating a vehicle of tomorrow that can drive on the ground and fly. Driving is done autonomously thanks to artificial intelligence. The latter analyses all external environments before taxiing or taking off (weather, traffic on land or in the air...). Boeing, Uber and other firms also presented similar projects at various trade shows. All that remains is to conclude agreements with air traffic and the legislature to bring these various futuristic car projects to life.
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