Which rear bumper should I choose according to my car model?

Published on : 01 November 20194 min reading time

Do you want to change the rear bumper of your car? The rear bumper is the bodywork part located at the rear of the vehicle. It is possible to find a discount body part on the market. Interesting, isn’t it? But be careful. To avoid any incompatibility problems, read this article and find out which part to choose depending on your car model.

How to detect defects in the car bumper?

A simple visual inspection is enough to know if this accessory appears defective. You can also see this through the following signs:

Vibration during driving

Strange noises come out while driving

The part loses its integrity

The gap between the bumper and the bodywork has increased.

When you start by making these remarks, try to change it as soon as possible.

Where to buy discount body parts?

To find the cheapest body parts, you can visit the websites dedicated to the sale of automotive items. They offer a wide choice of new and original products with a better quality/price ratio. For example, in the online car shop Cdiscount, you will find good deals and promotions on the biggest brands. This will allow you to buy your rear bumper cheaper and save a lot of money.

Also, with Aurelicar, you can find the most suitable for your vehicle according to its model whether it is old or recent: Citroën, Peugeot, Renault, Alfa Romeo, Fiat…. The advantage of this site is that these discount body parts for private individuals, professionals and car lovers are TUV approved and certified.

Which car bumper should you choose according to your model?

Before you start looking for the specificity of this article, it is important to know the reference of your car. When you own a NISSAN Qashqai 2016, for example, opt for a non-slip bumper with a border trim. Made of high-quality ABS plastic with a chrome surface, it is easy to install.

In addition, in case of breakage or severe scratches, replace your bumper for Ford. Its collection includes discount body parts for models: Focus, Mondeo, Fiesta, etc. With this brand, personalize your car with cheap body parts.

For the Mercedes Vito W639 model from 2003 to 2014, for example, you can choose the central rear bumper ready to paint with a primer coat.

How to mount your rear bumper?

The installation of this part is not too difficult. A few steps are enough to do this once the old one has been completely removed. All you need is a certain knowledge of DIY. By installing your own discount body part, you save even more. However, do not hesitate to ask for help if you think there are problems with mounting your car bumper. Or, simply have a mechanic replace it.

Some tips to consider

Although the reference of your vehicle is the first element to consider in your decision, there are other components on which you should base your choice of part. For example, the height of your car. If it were too high, it would scrape the ground. Finally, plan a small budget if you want to have the discount body part repainted before installing it. Otherwise, the task would be more complicated for the craftsman who would take care of it, thus increasing the invoice.

Here are some tips to follow to choose the right bumper for your car model. Don’t forget that by buying this cheap body part on the net, you will save a little money.

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